Camera changing and Sound effects in Blender.

I need a clear description on changing cameras and any good free sound effect creators and any good free music creators

thanks in advance

cmon help ppl :frowning:

The keys for changing cameras are clearly described in the manual. Yeah, I know, this is one of those RTFM answers. But face it: Blender is a complex tool; sooner or later you will want to look at the docs.

If this isn’t what you are asking, we need a clear description of your question.

Why change camera’s why not just move the camera?

i want a sudden change. as in most movies epic sequences move cameras more but for little shots it switchs cameras for a less dramtatic affect. I found a working script that switches cameras its french but it works
Ill post the link soon.

Does this help? mifune pointed it out to me.

I remember coming across a useful ittle tutorial to do with this - can’t remember where it is but the essence was using scenes and then sequencing the scenes with the sequencer.

Something like, set up all your animations etc. in one scene without a camera, then create a new empty scene. In that scene, link the previous scene (a little arrow icon in the render window I think - blender not available here right now so can’t check). Then simply add a camera. Create a third scene, link the first scene and add camera at second position. Then sequence the scenes and render with ‘use sequencer’ selected in the render buttons. The advantage here is that you can then use the sequencer’s transition effects.

Hope it helps.

a simple way say the the anim is box moving across floor and you want cam to change when boxs gets 1/2 way

  1. set up anim so boxs moves across floor

  2. say it takes 50 frames to get 1/2 way

  3. go to scene buttons and change start frame to 1 and end frame to 50(under anim button) render thats one avi

  4. selecte seconed cam and go to view and CTRL+lmb on camera

  5. say box takes further 50 frames to get across floor

  6. set start frame 51 and end frame 100

  7. render you now have 2 avi’s

  8. open both in fave video editor and stick together :slight_smile:

much easier

Sound effect creators? What you need is a mic and wave recording program. Or you can use free sound effect pages. Read their disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Its a little fishy but I think they are free and clear.

Music creators? I use modplug tracker to track my music but its just more you have to learn. If you want to create easy and free techno or other styles of game music I suggest those Ejay programs (Hiphop Ejay, Techno Ejay, Dance Ejay). Not sure where to find them. They have premade samples that you put together to make a song and the programs do not cost too much.