Camera changing direction in Track To (Problem)

Hi all,
i create an empty object and a camera… the final target is to make possible to rotate around the empty element with the camera, but on the X axis!
I create an Edit Object actuator on the camera and set it to Track to --> OB:empty; i create also some motion actuators on the camera (touched only LOC options)…
Leaving 3D option disabled (in the track to actuator), i can rotate the camera around the Z axis (from left to right and vice versa)
With the 3D option enabled, i can rotate on the X axis, but when i go over 180°, the camera change orientation!
It’s possibile to disable these “feature”? Because i need that the camera goes around the element like in a loop, without changing view!

Thanks you :o

See the MouseOrbiter. Check out the scene graph (till the camera) to see how to setup such behaviour.
It is a question of parenting the objects together.

I hope it helps