Camera Changing Visual Tute (new and improved)

here it is. Its a flash file. Its only 659k :o . the link under it is for the flash website. U can save the flash file to ur comp.

CMON 51 views and not one reply. I want to know what u think :x

I think it doesn’t work in firefox %|

the link doesnt work?

try downloading this

its the flash executable.

flash tut. (html flash and exe flash).zip
Thank you for this tut and mailing it to me, HEADCHEESE.

As for wink, I think it will provide a better visual quality while loading SWF file from the companying HTML file.

no problem.

there should be more to come.
i just need a new subject.
post ur suggestions here
i need them.

Thanks Headcheese, I’ll let you know what I think after I’ve seen it.

headcheese, the SWF file linked to in the page source doesn’t exist. that might be the problem.


try now, alltaken

A few problems.

  1. The first time you move the camera, you say to move the camera, press I -> LOC (that is fine) … then you say move the camera, change to frame 21 … this won’t work, as I’m sure you are aware, since the camera will jump back to the previous key location. You must first change the frame then move the camera. The other moves seemed to be fine.

  2. When you start, you select File -> New then Erase All. This is fine (other than the fact that it takes forever for the cursor to get there and back), but since Blender productivity is greatly enhanced by using the shortcut keys, you might also mention that Ctrl X can also be used.

  3. You might mention that they only need to split the screen if it isn’t already split. Many new users will use the default Blender setup which already has the screen split.

  4. When you mention that now that the constraint has been set up, moving the camera will cause it to track the cube, you might also mention that moving the cube itself will also cause the camera to track it.

  5. Once the side note is displayed, the tutorial seemed to just end. There was no Next, only a Back. If this was the end (I think you were trying to show how you could make it appear that a different camera is being “switched to” by suddenly moving the default camera) then you should have a final note saying “Well, that’s it … as you can see we can make it appear that we have switched cameras by using only the default camera …” or something like that. Just my opinion, but I think it would be a good idea to end your tutorial with something like that.

Just a few suggestions. :slight_smile:

P.S. I don’t know if it was a problem with the browser I’m using, but when I tried to run the HTML version, the screen went blank … and Netscape simply said “Done” … but nothing else happened.

fixed it up. Here it is

.exe files don’t run on linux…


thats the online flash version

Error 404

Not Found

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Looked at it 17:40pm GMT, 27th October

In anycase, what is wrong with good old fashioned html + screenshot tutorials? Afterall you can print them out onto paper and file them into a big “Blender Tutorial” binder. Kind of difficult to do with flash tutorials.



good idea. ill have that up soon.

The exe file is of very poor quality, or something is wrong with the school’s computer where I’m viewing it at. I can’t even read the interface popup menus.

well when i view it it was fine so…

I noticed the poor quality as well. I found that if you zoom in, it becomes readable, although you can no longer see the entire screen. I don’t like flash tutorials, but to be fair, some may not be able to produce video tutorials very well.

I think if we have the same screen resolution, the exe file will be ok.

I see you have the quality set on low. If people right-click on the screen, you can try switching to high and see if that makes it more legible. When I zoomed in, I couldn’t make out the buttons either.

Also, I couldn’t get the html to work. It doesn’t give the 404 error if you click the link from the site. The problem is that doesn’t exist supposedly.

Maybe spelling mistake?