Camera Circling Model -- Help Needed

The model is standing in the center of a semi-circular path. When I constrain the camera to follow the path, it follows the path around the character correctly.

The problem is that the camera does not change direction. It points at the character at the beginning, but as it moves in front and then back to the other side it maintains it’s focus – with the model quickly moving out of view.

I need the camera to point at my character as it swings around. Any ideas?

Thanks, Bob

Select the camera and then shift select your object. Both the camera and the object will be highlighted. press ctrl-t and choose track to constraint from the popup.
Now select the camera by itself and note that when you move it it always points at your object.


The camera will point at the object, but you may want to add an empty for the camera to track. Then it is easy to move the empty. You could move the empty up and down as the camera moves around the path to focus on certain areas of your object. It just gives more precise control over where the camera is pointing.

Good information and much appreciated.


Note that this is different from CurveFollow, which can cause an object (e.g. a locomotive) to follow the track and always point “forward.”