Camera clipping bug in cycles? Got circle instead of flat plane

In blender cycles camera clipping works as picture shows:

Is it bug or feature? I really need clipping with flat plane.

The clipping is a distance relative to the camera. If you take all the points at a set distance from a center, I think you get a sphere. That’s what Mathematics say. :wink: What you get is neither a feature nor a bug. It’s just working the way it should.

If you want another result, you’ll need another way. Altho you didn’t say what you expected, I suppose that you want an image surrounded by a black frame. Just build the black frame and attach it in front of the camera. That’s what I would do… even if I don’t understand why I would. :confused:

It is not mathematics. It is behaviour of cycles, possible wrong.
Because in LuxRender/MaxWell camera clipping means “clipping plane”, NOT “clipping sphere”.


Alright, maybe it’s a bug… I must say I don’t think I’ve ever used the clipping. Most of the time I lowered it to zero. Does that count? :smiley:

Clipping can be useful when you are doing interior renderings. You can place your camera outside of the room and set clipping plane so it will cut unnecessary walls/objects from rendering.