camera clipping problem


I’m new to Blender and I’m having problem with viewing this
VRML 1.0 file in Blender 2.4 on Windows.
It keeps going in and out of the clipping plane. Is there a way to change the hither
and yonder clipping planes in Blender?

Thank you,


cannot save the file…jpl take it off the server?

> cannot save the file…jpl take it off the server?

I can save it. Hmm… I guess it’s different outside of jpl. Is there a way I can attached
it to this post?

I think you can only attach during the original post of a new thread. you have another web server you can upload it to? I use geocities for my stuff.
Or email it if you want.
either way: have you tried scaling the object down? When I import my autocad files, they are ginormous, even invisible (OOPS tells me it is infact there) until I scale it down by a factor of at least a thousand (everything is done in millimeters which gets translated to blender units…).
Can you save/send the blend file instead of the wrl?

Select the camera

Go to Mesh Editing buttons

Change Start and End Parameters


Actually Ammusionist, it’s in the view properties clip start and end - maxed it to 1000. He send me the file - it was also just a matter of scaling it down.