camera clipping


I’m pretty new to Blender, having watched some tutorials and just getting started.

First problem that I run into is camera clipping. I have an object (imported from FreeCAD) that I want to render, it’s some 400x50x400 mm in size.

I found out that when zooming out, the object quickly disappeared. This was solved after some browsing; I opened the ‘N’-key properties window, then under View found Clip, left Start at 0.1 and set End to 10,000.

This solves the problem when zooming and panning around but not for the camera. When switching to the Camera View (‘0’ on numerical keypad), then I tick “Lock Camera to View” to be able to move it around and zoom and so, but zooming out just a little bit and my object starts to disappear.

All searching I did so far suggests that I have to adjust the Clip settings as I did already, but it doesn’t affect the camera, just the normal view.

Set the camera view clip start and end distances in the camera properties

Where exactly to find this?

In the properties window under the camera settings.

This I got:

Now how to get to that camera settings window exactly? I don’t see it.

Ah found it.
First had to select the Camera object in the window above…