camera collision detection?

I have a camera behind a character and it follows the character, but when i have my character walk into a building, the camera stays outside, also, the camera goes through walls, obcstructing the character, how do i stop it from going through things?

Empties!!! There are two way, which i know.

First: parent an empty to the camera, so that the cam follows that empty. The empty can be “dynamic” and have a bounds…so if you place the cam inside of the emptie´s bounds it shouldnt go through walls anymore.

Second: set up a couple of camera inside of the room, which will be activatet by the character if it passes a certain point (empty). But thats not as nice as method 1…because the cameras are static and it would be hard to let them move correctly…so better try my the first…that should work for a moving cam…^^

wait… what do you mean by an “empty”? could you explain a little bit more in detail?

sry im laughing, but thats something you should know bevor you do more complicated things like real-time^^


thats what i mean with an empty…an object that is invisible, because it has no faces…

lol yeah, i’m a n00b :smiley: