Camera control

There can be multiple camera in a scene and each camera can be activated by selecting View > Camera > and selecting camera from the list. So how can I turn different camera on and off for animation sequence?

There is a script that allows you to switch cameras. I think it’s built in to Blender, but I can’t check right now. You name each camera so that it includes the frame number that it becomes active, and the script will switch automatically. There are other threads on this forum that discuss this, so if you do a search of the site you will find more information.


That is correct for 2.49 but 2.5 allows you to bild in the camera switching on the VSE scene strip.

Could you explain the workflow for this one? I’m not too familiar with the VSE strip…

Thanks in advance…


Add a scene strip (the scene should have multiple cameras obviously), in the strip info panel (on the right) set the camera you want and key frame it (hover over it and press I key) then move along the timeline and change the camera and make another keyframe.