Camera Controls

Just as an afterthought to my last post, I was wondering if anybody could help me with a workflow issue: Is there a way to zoom in/out while you are in active camera view? So that I can set my camera up from the general angle I want, press NUMPAD0 so I can see the camera’s actual field of view, and then adjust either a zoom or the actual distance of the camera so that I can easily fit my object in the camera’s view from there? I keep setting my camera’s view with CTRL-ALT-NUMPAD0 but the camera never actually frames the object like I had it framed in the 3D Viewport when I set it. So then I have to MMB out of active camera view and move the camera, CTRL-ALT-NUMPAD0 again to see if it fits, etc., etc., and it seems like a wasteful process this way.

Thank you.

Version 2.56

Press N for the properties panel. In the View settings tick ‘Lock Camera to View’. Now while looking through the camera you can move around the scene just as you would if you weren’t looking through the camera


Version 2.56
You may need to use the latest blender versions (2.59)

I have a ‘Lock to Object’ and ‘Lock to Cursor’.



You can also do this:

  • in Object Mode…
  • ‘keypad 0’ to go to camera view
  • click on the edge of the camera’s frame
  • ‘g’ to move
  • ‘MMB’ click and release
  • scroll in and out with the mouse wheel

Ooh. I like that. Took me a minute to figure out what was going on there. Because the camera is the active object, the g key causes it to transform like anything else. It was weird for me at first because I had my camera tracking the object I think, so some of my motions are restricted, but if I press ‘g’ then ‘z’ and bring it to the local z (which is what I have aimed at the object) then vertical motion of the mouse moves the camera along that axis. Now, I notice that pressing MMB after ‘g’, like you instructed, accomplishes the same thing - it appears to set the axis of motion to local z. Is this a common feature I’ll find elsewhere, or another one of those “works only in this one particular situation” kind of commands (using MMB to designate local z)? Do you know if there are other shortcuts like that and if so, what they are? All the redundancy of commands can be a little frustrating, but the multitude of options is nice. Personally, pressing ‘z’ twice doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but if MMB does it in one click, that’s half the time I suppose.

Thank you very much for that!


Duly noted. Luckily somebody gave me a workaround for now. I’m keeping the older version atm because the tutorial site I’m working my way through is based on older versions but once I’ve gone through the material there I’ll be updating. Just so I at least know what I’m working with and can expect to (hopefully) find before it all starts to change around on me.

G - Z - Z ?
That’s how I move in and out in camera view.