Camera data

Hi, I think i’m not the first who talk about this problem, but is there any way to Copy the data of a blender camera in Maya or other software ? (because i use Shake for compositing and it’s compatible with Maya cameras…) :frowning:

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Mr. Chan: At this time, I do not know of any export function in Blender that copies Blender camera data to a format for Maya or other software.

thanks for answer me, the developers don’t include this fonction because it’s too hard for the moment or because they forgot it ?

This is a Blender forum for discussing the 3D software package Blender. If you want to be able to import Blender camera information into Maya, you need to ask the Maya people to write an import function that reads a .blend file for camera data, and uses that data inside of the Maya session. The forum for Maya functionality is and you need to post your request there. Thank you. I do not know why the Maya developers do not include this functionality. I do not think it is hard and the .blend file format is not proprietary. You have to ask them.

Rogerwickes: Or ask developers of blender to write to an intermediary camera movement script like the ASCII one used by Icarus

Well, since time and effort toward developing Blender is a finite donated commodity, but is a paid job for Maya developers, I would rather people pester Blender developers to increase Blender functionality that helps Blender users, as opposed to having Blender developers write functionality that helps Maya users. I think Maya needs to step up to the plate. If the dude has licensed Maya, and thus directly and indirectly pays for support, he should get the support he has paid for.

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