camera direction

Is there an way I can find the camera alignment and/or direction?

Also, can I select the camera (or any other object), type in some coordinates and it automatically goes to those coords I typed in?

Select object and press N key in the 3d window.

I have the same question. The camera is at an “eye point” (position) and it is facing a “look at” point. These 2 points form a direction vector of the camera. Does blender display this direction anywhere in the IDE?


You can see where the camera is aiming at by selecting the camera and enabling “Limits” in the Edit buttons panel (F9). You can easily change the direction by pressing N and changing the RotX, RotY and RotZ settings. Alternatively, you can have the camera track another object (select camera, then object, Ctrl T, trackto constraint) and move the object around.

Okay because we’re (me and pbergeron) thinking the misalignment has something to do with the camera. refers to game making thread :slight_smile:

Try setting the camera to Ortographic.