Camera distortion

Like this. I’m thinking of modeling it for fun, but I can’t get the view of the background to “bend” like that using either Blender or Yafray. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a reflection tutorial that shows how to render an environment map in Blender, so I’m guessing it’s doable. I just can’t guess how. :slight_smile: Can I get a hand?

did you try pressing the pano button and setting a number [higher than 1] for xparts? [in the render buttons]

you’d need to rotate the camera 90 degrees, and deal with the previews being sideways, but that is about it

Yeah, that gave me really choopy results, but then I set the SizeX way down and the Xparts way up and that helped. It leaves really ugly bands with the anti-aliasing turned on though. :expressionless: Oh well. Thanks.

EDIT: Checking “key” in the Render window fixed my banding problem.

Okay, one more thing before I’m all set. Here’s a quick test:

Now, I need to be able to see left and right more (or up and down, rather, since the camera is tilted 90 degrees). See the original picture for how I need to fit more of the room into the shot from the sides. The aspect ratio doesn’t seem to have the intended effect. And I can’t increase the Yparts in pano mode. :frowning: Is there any way to fix that?