Camera exposure settings


I’m developing a library of procedural PBR materials and I’m trying to blend photos with 3d objects to see how the textures look in a real environment. I’m using fspy to do camera matching, and an HDRI to match lighting, but my rendered objects feel too dark or too bright, even with textures from other libraries (, texture haven, ambient cg, etc…)

One set of variables that I don’t know how to set in blender are the camera capture variables: ISO, f-stop and exposure time. Is it possible to set these variables in Blender.

This is an Oriented Strand Board material I’m working on and I’d like to be sure that all rendering settings are working correctly before tweaking the textures.

Do you guys have any other tips for blending photos and rendered 3d objects, and make it look realistic?

Thank you!

You won’t achieve integration straight from rendering, you need to composite your CG into your plate. Match black/white levels, gamma, saturation, sharpness, motion blur, grain, there are several camera lens effects to consider. This Nuke tutorial will give some introduction. Can be followed using Blender, but you need to have some experience with VFX compositing.

Thank you Lucas! I’ll watch the Nuke tutorial and other VFX Blender tutorials on those topics!