Camera fade effect

I was working on my gameproject and I face a small problem here, I want to make a camera fade effect, where you are with one camera and then this camera image fades to other image of other camera, this effect is very simple and its widelly used but I never found out how to make it on a game.

Can anyone help me on this?

How about that:

  • have a plane with color/alpha action to fade in
  • place it in front of the camera with full transparency.
  • apply videotexture from the second camera
  • fade the plane to full opaque
  • switch to the second camera.

I do not know if that works

I was thinking the exact same thing as Monster.

uhm, this could work monster, I guess, but how can I apply the videotexture from the second camera to the plane?

Something involving this?
I might just make a demo, as i may be doing something like this myself.

Ok thanks a lot agoose it ll help me a bunch!

fade.blend (674 KB)
Hmm. Something like this, but it isn’t quite right…

Well i think that is very good, thanks a lot I ll try it here I hope that it work properly on my game, you ll be credited aniway on it ehhee, but thanks a lot!

haha. I’ll play with it a bit more, because it’s a bit hacky at the moment. It doesn’t work in 2.62 for some reason. I think there may be a bug :S
Maybe i could use GLSL shaders instead of a plane; unless you’re in multitexture / singele texture.

I ll use it for the 2.57 version of blender, that is the version that my game is working better, as soon as I have a result I ll show it, thanks!