Camera Filter / special effects

Is it possible to have a camera filter / effects , Like Glow, blur or Gray scale, or depth of field ?

Basically, My goal is :
to Hi-light an ‘object’ on ‘mouse over’ by fading or blurring the surrounding so it will stand out.

What I already Have
I did achieve a more close result by enclosing the ‘object’ by a box with a transparent texture that renders ‘visible’ on ‘mouse over’ . But you will still see the surrounding with the same tone

I’m Looking for a better Effect Or Way. Tnx

A simple but expensive way is by duplicating the object scale/bevel it according to outline size, and flip the normal.

Just use 2D filters. Search the forum for more info (game engine resources)

Thank you agoose77 , I didn’t know they were called “2D Filters”