Camera flare!!! and glare

one day i thought up an idea for glare, but i had no idea how to write the script for it. so i asked you guys, and now i modded the script i was given for flare (so there isn’t one controller per flare) and the blend.
hope it’s useful. (sorry about my bad english, i can never find the right words)


GLARE.blend (630 KB)

nice, thanks fo sharing!

Very “wii” ish!
Good job!

Pretty cool- I suggest fading or scaling the flares as they appear and disappear, it’s a bit abrupt when they pop in like that.

Really very Useful! Congrats!

Cool! I am really glad that it works without GLSL. Thanks for sharing!

B-B-B-B-Beautiful !

thanks, dudes, but also thank vibrunazo for the original script.

Good example, something tricky to do!

how would i add this as a feature to my fps with contrained mouse look 0.o

(probably a noob question… i know)

well, dude, you’d append the the empty and all the flares and glare to your fps. then you name the object the flare comes from “sun” (no quotes). give it a property, name the property what you like. then give the camera 2 radar sensors, each with the same distance and same angle (about 56 degrees)and along the -z axis and click the ‘inv’ button on one of them. set their property variable to the same one you gave to sun. then select ‘flare2’ and connect the radar sensors from the camera to the two controllers on flare2. there you go.

problem solved

I have a question…Why is lens flare used in games? its un-realistic, unless of coarse your implying that a camera is flying around following the player everywhere, but it bugs me when FPS games use lens flare… Really nice effect for camera shots tho… Thanks for posting!