camera flows inside 3d model, multiple points

Hi! I need help to get started.
I´m just starting with the game-engine. I have a 3d model of a house. I need to make a presentation where you can get camera flows between different rooms by pressing a button. Its need to be dynamic in the way that you can get a camera flow from one room to any other room inside the house.

How to get started? What features should I study to get this working?

This is the most important part of my project… then I should be able to intsert video and text on the walls inside the rooms to show specs of the room, maybe somebody can help with this allso?

if you want to control the camera/view ( walktrough style), you can use the FPS template, available somewhere in this site.
If you just want to press a button and make the camera follow a path, just move your camera around the level and add IPO keys wher needed
Then use the IPO Actuator in the GE, ex.
Keyboard Sensor -> AND -> IPO Actuator
I can post an example if you want!

thanks! I made a simple flow with that and I think I can get it to work like I need it… maybe =)