Camera Focusing

Hey folks,
I was wondering if there is a way to “focus” a camera in blender. I want the camera to make everything but my exact subject blurry. Is this possible?


thanks a lot, i’ve been searching for this for a long time

The other way would be to use Yafray’s built in DoF… the only thing that I don’t know is how to set the focus on an item. (You set the focus by distance, but I don’t know how to find the right distance.)

Zblur squence plugin is the best for animation - saves vibrating everything (moment to shudder at the thought of all that extra work!!)

If you use the auto focus setting in zblur it will focus on what is in the center of the camera. Very useful but not always what you want BUT use the auto focus to get the distance of a desired object and then position the camera where you want and use the manual setting. You can see what the camera center is looking at if you turn on the draw clip plane on in the camera settings.

Rember to set the start clip plane of the camera as far forward as you can with zblur.

Select YAFRAY as renderer.
With CAMERA selected, go to Editing (F9)
Click LIMITS or SHOW LIMITS (depends on version being used)
Click YAFRAY DOF tab
Change DoFDist parameter and see a cross on the line from camera move to the point you specify. This point will be totally in focus.
Change Aperture - higher value, shorter the area in focus (i.e. Background and foreground more blurred)

NOTE: For best results, turn off Auto AA and set high enough values to avoid graininess.


thanks for the YAFRAY info
does anyone know where I can go for tutorials about how to use YAFRAY as a rendering engine…you know…the basics of using it.
Am I correct in assuming that YAFRAY’s renders are better than Blender’s internals?


For animations, I’ve found that ZBlur works well, but sometimes I can get away with an ordinary “blur.” You see, I’m rendering everything in layers anyway, and compositing the whole thing together at the very end to save render-time. Sometimes the entire contents of the layer (most often the background, which might be a single frame) need to be “blurry,” and often the degree of blurriness does not change throughout the shot.