camera follow path constraint circle

The camera should rotate around the object.
In blender 2.49 it works perfect but in blender 2.57 no more.
Maybe somebody would help me with this I do not see what I am doing wrong.
Constraint should work also the camera should stay in place.


camera_circle_subject.blend (169 KB)

solved made a new one , selected then the circle - choose object data - curve circle .Go to frame one in the evaluation time right mouse click and insert a keyframe then go to the last frame and in the evaluation time choose for example 93 and insert again a key frame ( right mouse button).
Maybe it need a little improvement but for the moment it works.


camera_rotating.blend (372 KB)


you have to keyframe the offset value of the follow path constraint. just press I while hovering over the slider.

(also you might want to check “fixed position” although it works without it)

Hope that helps.

/edit: argh, again! too slow…

What does the keyframe offset value do?
I do not see any difference

O yes now I see thats better.


circle_subject.blend (382 KB)