Camera follow path performance

Hi. Please check the blend file. It’s just camera animation that is following path (constraint) but I have only about 9 fps on low-computer and on high-end 4 fps when animation (ctrl+a) but in viewport it’s smooth!!! Does anyone know how kick the performance? OR how to bake the camera animation to keyframes. Thx

Vent_anim_LOW.blend (603 KB)

There seems to be a problem with the f-curve for the evaluation time of your nurbs curve for some reason. I have removed that and replaced it with a Path follow constraint and that appears to be OK.

Vent_anim_LOWr.blend.blend (556 KB)

Could you give me more info on what you did there? I have no idea how you did it and i cannot recreate it. Maybe step by step? Thanks

On your setup the camera was animated using the Evaluation Time for the curve and for some reason this is causing a slow playback rate. I removed the f-curve for evaluation time by right clicking on Evaluation Time button and selecting clear keyframes.

I then selected the Camera and added a Follow Path constraint as shown here

then moved the camera to the beginning of the curve, go to frame 1 on the time line and add a keyframe for the Offset by hovering the mouse over the Offset button and pressing I. You can then continue to add keyframes to control the movement of the camera.

Hope this helps