camera following a path

what is the simple way of getting a camera…
starting on frame 150, following a path for 150 frames (not just 100)
thanks all

@ ~ 2:10

ok? mark as solved!

but how do i start it on frame 150? it only wants to start on frame 1

Set the curve’s animation path fields appropriately. If you have a path that you want to run for 100 frames, but it should start at e.g. frame 50, you set up the curve’s ‘frames’ field to 100, and set the ‘path evaluation’ keyframes starting at frame 50 and ending at frame 150. The evaluation time at the start of the curve animation should be whatever it already gives at that frame, and same for the last frame of the path animation.

am i on the correct pages to do that?


The bottom image shows the correct panels to work with. The Path Animation panel is the one you want.

got it! thanks very much