Camera following path but jumping away from it


In the attached Blender file, I have a camera following a path, and tracking to an empty object. There’s an offset of 500 frames in the camera Follow Path constraint. The empty follows the path after an offset of 520 frames.

However, between frames 514 and 515, the camera jumps unexpectedly away from the path by about 50cm. The camera itself has no F-curve. I’ve tried Alt-G on the camera in case it is a relative location issue, but this does not solve it.

Can anybody please help?


camera test.blend (1.67 MB)

Not enough resolution on the path. Pushing it to 64 does the trick but, as setting it to 12 seems to work well too, it maybe is a bug.

Send a bug report, if you have time.

Thank you so much: I had no idea such a feature existed. Have adjusted the resolution upwards and it does seem to work.

Cheers Ovnuniarchos!