Camera Following Path: Weird Warping-View Problem

Dear all,

Hi there, my name is Rachel. I’m having a problem with the view going all weird and warped as my Camera makes a turn while following a Path. I’m using Blender 2.48.

It’s been ages since I learned how to get the Camera to follow a Path at all, so any refresher material re: that will be helpful and appreciated. Anyway, using an old saved .blend file that has the Camera following a straight path from one end of a hallway to the other end, I have no problems.

The problems start when I edit the path and extrude it to curve around a corner. The Camera does follow the newly-curved path…but acts very oddly towards the end, jerky. And most importantly, for some reason the static non-animated objects within view of the camera suddenly appear extremely warped/distorted during the turn around the corner. Very odd!

I’ve converted the videos below to .wmv format for ease of playback for as many of you as possible.

Here’s video of the straight path in two hallways (no problems):

And here’s video of the weird warping in the second hallway when the path is curved as I described (problems):

It seems to me like I basically need some serious refresher information as to how all of this Camera / Path stuff works at all, as well as what’s causing this warping view. I don’t even remember the specific set of instructions for how to connect the Camera and the Path, something about Parenting I think. I sound like such a noob. :yes:

Anyway…many thanks in advance for your help! Please don’t be shy to be detailed (just bear in mind, I am coming at this from a noobish perspective). Any links to tutorials, further information, and so forth will also be appreciated. hugs


Rachel :slight_smile: