Camera folowing an object?

yesterday i started to play a bit with the blender game engine and i was surprised. I made a little car-thing moving around with wheels that rotate the right direction in just half an hour. But i am totaly new to all of this and it may be a stupid queston but i need an answer. How can i set the camera to follow an object when i press “P” to execute te game? Or just moving just the camera with the keys like in a FPS game? I searched on google but couldnt find anything dealing with the camera movement so please help.

You have to parent the camera to the car, or use the camera actuator.

FPS example:

Thanks for the replay. By the way, i just saved to my compiuter your python book, it is amazing, great work. that will be very usefull soon for me ,thanks for sharing it

Nema problema.