Camera FOV

alright … i’m too stupid to get this to work

all i want is to look through a camera and change the focal length.
so i look though my camera by hitting numpad 0, go to the object data tab and change the focal length value.
but no matter what value i enter the camera only zooms in/out.
does anyone know how to “make it right”?
cheers christian

i also attached the .blend file
mudbox_baseman.blend (1.64 MB)

Not sure if I understand your problem. What is “right”?

are you looking through a camera since changing the focal length has no effect for me when in “camera” mode
it only works when using the user perspective and altering the focal length value in the “n” panel

This is looking through the camera.
All I did was a) change the focal length and b) translate the camera to frame the shot.

ahh, now i got it.
if i lock the camera to the view and then frame the mesh i can see the resulting FOV change.
thanks :slight_smile:

It could be different for skyscraper sized objects…not sure though. Blender’s default Cube is considered 2m side.
N-panel has 3dview Camera focal length which is not the same as Camera’s focal length parameter.
The rest is covered i see…

Thanks Eppo, I’ve got it working … for now :wink: