camera goes on my nervs

(Klein) #1

Does any1 know how to fix this motherf****** camera problem.
I am speaking about, that with the camera actuator the cam dont does up and down (i mean the camera doesn`t climb on hills).

Thx for all answers!!!

(SeaCigar) #2

Um, well… I am not going to be so blunt about it, but indeed, I have the same problem.

I assume… that saluk’s camera script can fix this problem. When I go home in a few hours, I’ll download it and give it a go, and see if that doesn’t fix the problem. If not, I’ll be back. But saluk’s camera script comes highly recommended, so I’m hopeful.

(saluk) #3

Hehe, my script isn’t so good, but it works for the most part. It can be a little jerky sometimes, but it can be found from my OLD site ( I don’t have any downloads up on my new site yet.

(Klein) #4

the cam script works not so good for me.
Sometimes the cam rotates so(180deg.), that the cam faces towards the back of the car(everytime i make an rotaion to any side with my car)

(saluk) #5

If you’re doing a car game, this isn’t the sort of camera you want anyway. This camera was designed similar to the mario 64 camera, and really doesn’t work for other types of games so well.

What you want to do for a car game, is stick the camera at a good angle behind the car, and parent the camera to the car. This way it will always be facing the right angle. If you want it to be a little delayed like it is in most games, you can use slow parenting. Select the camera, go to animbuttons (F7) and select the slowpar button. Enter the amount of time offset in the TimeOffset section.

(Klein) #6

thx for the help i will try it