Camera Has Weird Size and Zoom

Okay, I looked around for the answer before asking this question, but to no avail. Basically, the game camera in 2.54 (?) feels wide, and zoomed in as well. I remember that in 2.49, the camera was at 100% zoom when the camera outer rectangle (not the title safe region, but the whole thing) filled the 3D View. So, basically, why is the camera in 2.54 so zoomed in when it fills the 3D View, and how can I scale the camera view vertically (or is this the correct aspect ratio)?

Check the camera settings ,I don’t know where these are in 2.54 (I use 2.49) but I imagine they are similar. Find these and adjust the lens value.
Under the render buttons there should be a place where you can change the size of the render. This also changes the dimensions of the camera.

Good luck

Ok, I remember the lens value, but changing the size of the render (and thereby the size of the camera) is new to me. Thank you.