Camera help

Im new to blender
so bare with me here If I dont understand what you are saying I have made a sort of car game that works just fine but im trying to make it so the camera follows the car like in real 3d game. not that little shitft make parent stuff if some one could please write a step by step very detailed guide for me it would be very appricated
Another problem im having when ever I do UV maping like putting a picture of my friends face on a cube it works just fine but then when I start the game its turns white any reason of why? thxs guys I appricate it

and my last biggest problem When ever I try to make a FPS how do i make it so i can look around wiith the map i think Ive heared people saying somthing about IPO or somthing like that but i have no idea what that is lol

Next time don’t post all three questions in one thread.

  1. Have you tried Slow Parenting or the Camera actuator? Slow parenting is a very nice solution, I think. I’m not going to explain it here because it can be found very easily by searching.

  2. Is Use Blender Materials turned on? (Game -> Use Blender Materials) If so, you may need to turn it off

  3. Try using Social’s FPS template, it makes FPS creation easy because everything hard is already set up. An IPO is an animation curve.

  1. You could also use the Camera Actuator.

  2. You could also go into materials, press textures, add a texture and then press P to play your game.

  3. what plantperson said…


Thank you I got every thing to work nicely sry about extra posts

Excellent! Glad we were able to help.