Camera in Game engine

Hi. Im trying to make a small race game- I have most of the cars and tracks built but, how do you make a good camera. I parented a camera to the car but everytime i rotate the car the camera rotates with it so the car looks 2d becuase its angle never changes. Is there anyway to make the camera sway back in forth so its not a back view of the car the whole time?

add an Always sensor to the camera and an AND controller and a Camera acutator, then just adjust the settings on the actuator to fit you game

OK ill try that, thanks for the advice

Personally, I’m not very happy with the camera actuator. If you stop moving the camera goes on top… and sometimes I don’t want it to “try” to follow behind the x or y axis… I wish there was an option for that. I think they just tried to make the camera versatile but it never seems to work right for me.

If you know a thing or two about python you can try to program the camera controls yourself.
Here’s a nice python resource for the Blender GE:

Look up ‘slow parenting’.

Jay Dee892. Whenever I use the camera actuator it seems to rapidly rotae my camera. Is this becuase the camera might not be going xyz or the right direction? In the camera view all looks fine until I test in the game engine, then the camera goes crazy and finally lays on the side; I rotated everything in the scene 90 degrees once but that didnt help. Anyone know what I am doing wrong.

Also thanks for the other info ill look up those if this doesnt work

OK I used slow parenting , that was just what i was looking for , thanks