Camera Issue


Looking for some insight please. I have a project where I have a series of animation tracks set up. The cameras are marked in the time line. I also have a lot of cameras set up for rendering still images that are not part of the animated camera tracks. The issue I am having is that when I “set to active” one of my non animated cameras, Blender is not making it the scene camera.

After setting a non animated camera as active camera, If I go to the scene properties tab, it will revert to an animated camera that is in the time line. Do I need to set “use local camera” for all my non animated cameras?

I am assuming you are using Markers bound to the cameras to switch between them. This will over-ride any other camera made active when you render. I suggest making a linked copy of your scene, and deleting the makers in the new scene. Now you can use you other PoV cameras for rendering. Changes in one scene will appear in the other - with the exception of Markers, fortunately. So as you adjust your animation, add or move objects (including cameras), the new, linked scene will be updated.

You’re awesome!! Thank you!!!

What would be really good though is if there were an option to hide the markers. So when they are hidden, you could render with whatever camera you would like.