Camera issue

I’ve got a scene where I’m trying to replicate the view outside the front door to my apartment and have the mesh and lighting all finished. I want the camera to imitate how the view is kind of ‘fish-eyed’, like looking through a lens, but I don’t know how to do it.
My first thought was to have a transparent UV sphere right in front of the camera, zTransparency gets it to be invisible, but doesn’t warp the view. Ray Transparency doesn’t become transparent.
How can I warp the camera view?
I’ll admit that I probably get an account at photobucket or something just so I can show you the work I’ve done thus far.

With the camera selected, go to the F9 panel and adjust the lens setting there to get a fishbowl effect - IIRC it would be dropping the value of the lens, default being at 35.