Camera issues

Ok… so i’ve made a model home in blender, and i wanted to make a movie that just walked through the house room by room. The problem is, even though ive made the camera super tiny, and the house really big, the camera still doesnt show enough… like i did a 360° turn in the kitchen, and all you could see was about a foot of the middle of the walls. How can i make it to were when i do a 360° it shows a little bit of both the ceiling and the floor… you know what i mean?

okay, now, changing the ‘size’ of the camera with S, doesnt do much, exept make less you can see in the 3d view, heres what u have to do

  • Select your camera
  • press F9
  • make the “Lens:” value decrease
    the lower the number, the wider the lense, and u will eventually get a “fish-eye” effect

Cool, I’ve been wondering about it too. :wink:

thank you skeletor… i love you :wink: