camera jitter?!

i’m wondering whether there’s still any script or plugin for producing “camera jitter”, “analog-hand-hold-cam-effect” respectively. i found already a sample blend-file at , which doesn’t want to work (obviously under actual blender and python versions), and tried out the “gwiggle”-script, which is too “wiggly” though, for real looking camera jitter. so does anyone have any information about a way to get that effect?!

There’s a record mouse movement function… you could use it to record about a sec of mouse jiggle, then set it to loop in the ipo curves (curve > extend mode > cycle) - then parent the camera to an Empty and create the general camera movement with that.

I know very little about animation. But it would seem to me that your camera jitter would need to be tied to the speed that it is tracking to or from an object. Since IRL the camera jitters as you step down and not when you stand still. With this in mind could you make an armature with a jittering head that is tried to a walk cycle. Then parent the camera to that. Once again, i am a noob so I have no ideal if this make sense or not.
Just my 2 cents. Good luck

I use the Jitter.dll sequencer plugin.

I’ve record mouse movement in here,but later i’ve added a more wiggling effect in After Effects, but i’ll do a try with the sequencer plugin, suppose that it’ll do the same.