Camera Lens Control


I actually need to change (with joystick buttons) The lens of the camera.
I would use property and Add value. So it change from 35 to 88 mm.

Now i wouldlike to apply this value to the camera lens…
Is there a function to do that or i must use Ipo curve which are very not usefull for me :frowning: !!!

It seems there is no function for this. You could set the projection matrix, but I do not think it is worth do play with that.

The easiest way would be IPO.
Set the IPO actuator to property and change this property with the Joystick buttons. You wouldn’t need Python for that.

yes it’s ok, so in python i must play with Frame value to move up or down on my ipo curve.
Si i just wanna know what is the function (nevee find it yet :confused: ), to set the Ipo frame (like jump to Ipo 20)
with that i could increase or decrease the value to zoom in and zoom out :wink:

Ok so i’ve got the solution, i have found blender 2.42 file demo and in this package there’s some fils which contain camera ipo system with zoom :wink:
(ex in toon.blend)

actually the blend file (toon.blend) is here

Could this be possible to use with viewing distance too?

there is a game called shooting galery
it uses what do you want to learn



could you please provide a link because i cant find it