Camera lens setting disabled in Camera View.

I’m a New User, version 2.67, so first my congratulations to the Blender community on a superb product, and a remarkable addition to the FOSS stable.

When I enter a new Camera View > Lens setting (e.g. 35 - 105) the value is accepted and the normal view changes (zooms in in this case). Yet when I switch to Camera View the View panel dims and the Lens setting returns to the default.

I’ve looked through available docn but can’t see anything relevant. Is there a quick answer, or a good tutorial on using the Camera?

Properties shelf (3D viewer window Key-N) > View > Lens is for the 3D view.

Select the camera in the 3D view or Outliner then Properties (window) > Object Data (the film camera icon) > Focal Length and other settings there for the selected camera.

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There is a setting for the perspective view angle (expressed as a simulated 35mm camera focal length, in the properties toolshelf of the 3Dview window) and a setting for the camera object properties in the properties window, camera properties. These settings remain independent of each other as you might expect, after all, you want the camera to be carefully set up for the render and the 3D view to be adaptable to your current modeling task.

Thanks, guys. Yes, of course! Must be two settings, one for view and one for camera. Soooo many settings and parameters! Makes an F-16 cockpit look like a Model T, I’d think …