Camera lens zoom

Is it possible to change the zoom on the camera lens during an animation? I tried a few things but nothing seemed to work. I having been trying a simple vertigo style test but can’t seem to get anything out of it. Thanks.

you could just select the camera press 0 on the num pad and click the middle mouse button to track forward and get a good zoom

I’m not sure I follow? I goto camera view, with camera selected and all I press is middle mouse button? I’ve tried it but all that happens with middle mouse is I rotate around in perspective view. I hold control and mouse and I zoom but it doesn’t actually zoom the lens. Thanks.

first press G for grab… but doesn’t work for zooming in in the middle of an animation or anything…wish it was that easy:P

Select the camera and press F9. Set keyframes for the Lens setting, which approximates focal length, by setting a Lens value and pressing I-key. Alternatively you can create/edit a camera IPO curve for Lens.

To get the Vertigo-style trombone shot effect, you truck the camera backward while simultaneously zooming in by increasing the Lens setting.

What CD38 said. Remember to put the cursor in the camera settings (Mesh edit buttons with camera selected) before hitting I.

This panel is also where you set the lens length.


I read CD38 (thanks!) and found the camera window in the IPO curve editor, saw the lens. I then realized Ammusionists post and saw the, hit I in the button window! Thanks to both I got it working thanks!