Camera lens

What kind of lens do you usually use for your renders? 35? 50? others?

In particular, I would like to have some tips concerning architectural renderings.


I like to use a wide angle lens especially if it is for a large scene like a building. It all depends on the look you are going for, if you want it to look like the person is stood far away from the object but zooming in with the camera, use a focal length of like 50. If you want a relatively close but wide and shot I tend to use 30 or 28 or something. If you want this sort of effect:

Then use like 25 or something.

also image size and shape is important, with a building that is shot from a distance with a wide angle lens maybe have the pixel size at roughly 2000 x 750, to help sell the wide angle effect.

And on the general tips with architectural rendering, i believe lighting is the most important. Try to recreate a sun light, but also have several fill lights that are very weak and just fill out the shadows, maybe a slight blue tint as well if it is outside maybe?

Hope all this helps


Yes, it helps a lot!
Thanks Tom!

this guy seems to be a professional in the ache-viz business - he has some tutorials on camera work: