Camera Linking

How do you link cameras that are part of a group from one blend file to another and get them to work? I get a “no correct camera” error everytime I try to run the game when I create a dupligroup of my main character (and the camera attached to him).

uh, i thought they removed that warning long time ago, its kinda pointless, isnt it?

Yea i get that too when there is no camera…i dont like it

Well, the camera’s there, it’s just part of a dupligroup. How does yo frankie pull this off? They have the camera grouped with the character like I do. Do the Apricot builds solve this?

yif you want to use dupligroups you have to use a pretty recent TRUNK build

To use a dupligroup camera you can just use the scene actuator and set the camera to the one in the dupligroup. This has to be done to the original objects in the group, I dont think you can specify certain objects in a group otherwise.

I see. Thanks!