Camera lock to view is moving the scene, not the camera! D:

After saving a file and removing almost all animation, i tried to move the camera into position using the Lock to View option. Problem was, nothing moved while using it, except for the lines the light makes when pointing down. I created a second window to see what happens when i move the camera with that option, and i found out the entire scene begins to move, instead of the camera! D:. Is this a very bad glitch(and yes, i have restarted blender :slight_smile: ), or is there some setting in my blend file that does this?

Thanks in advance!

Perhaps some (or most) of your objects are parented to the camera? If that is not so, consider uploading your .blend to so that we could take a closer look.

Ok, i uploaded the file here:). I checked the parenting, and nothing is paranted to the camer, although I noticed something, which is when i unparent the cube which everything is parented to, from the cube that makes the entire scene move downwards(They are falling through space, and I’m using the blender star system :), it all works fine. I noticed a few other problems as well, such as the terrain destabalising past a certain negative z. Is this a problem with blender as well, because they both seem related. :). But yeah, i do need that cube moving downwards, so if its possible to fix, then yeah, that would be awesome :D. Thanks for your help so far!

Does anyone know how to fix this? :slight_smile:

can you delete out everything that doesnt effect the bug? as in everything apart from the scene & camera… i am more willing to troubleshoot a 5 meg file then a 70 meg file.

if camera has a parent it’s game over for ‘lock camera to view’ :slight_smile: the parent object will move with the camera, no wonder your whole scene moves , need to position the camera manually in the properties tab, what a scene :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info Ramboblender :). I think I’ll animate the scene without everything being parented to the cube that falls, and then do that at the last minute before rendering so i can still use lock to view :slight_smile: just wondering, would this be considered a bug?

It’s not a bug but an option in User Preferences-Interface tab ‘Camera Parent Lock’ , which i just discovered :slight_smile:
Uncheck that and you are good to go with ‘lock camera to view’.

Thanks for your help! :D. This will make it alot easier now :slight_smile: