Camera manipulation question.

I would like to move the camera around a particular object/location in the scene, keeping the object/location in the centre of the camera viewport and at a fixed distance.

Is there a way that can be achieved?

[The docs only mention the camera in one small paragraph, and I haven’t found an answer in the forums – both official and Elysiun.]

The way I know how to get a camera to track an object is to select the camera first, then the object, then hit Cntrl+T and select Old Track.

Make sure to clear any rotation your camera may have by selecting it and hitting Alt+R.

As far as the fixed distance part, I don’t know of any way.

just parent the camera to an armature that has it’s base at the center of the object you are rotating around, then just use numeric input or just regular keyframing on the armature.

Smart idea Modron. I found a way by adding a curve with Copy Loc and Rot constraints to the object, then putting a follow path constraint on the camera. :wink:

ok works. but an armature would be lot easier… :slight_smile: