Camera mapping and other gubbins

Been playing around with 2.42 today, mostly with camera mapping.

This is the original photo:

This was my first test:

I then got a bit excited, and went about adding some fake vignetting (simple node setup with a burn filter), camera jitter (using the script) and some sounds from the freesounds project.

This is the final result:

There is quite a bit of warping in the distance due to the drastic camera sweeps. Still, I think it looks rather spiffy and was much easier than I thought it would be!

Great job! I’ve been playing with camera mapping in blender for quite some time, and know it can be tricky sometimes.

I’m not sure since the resolution of the youtube video is not enough, but when the camera turns to the stones, the texture doesn’t seem distorted that much… or is it only a feeling? If you did anything to fix the texture, could you please explain what you did exactly?

Thanks! And compliments again!



The stones are fairly distorted when the camera turns, but the slope seems to hide it to an extent. Certainly, in the high-res original it’s rather clear, and I did nothing to try to fix it either!

Whoa, why have I never heard of this before?? So Blender generated the scene from a single photo?

Not quite, I used the ‘background image’ tool to create a bit of mesh that roughly matched the terrain in the photo, and a ‘sticky’ texture of the photo to UV map it onto the mesh.

The tutorial that showed me how do it is here:

And I simply tried it on a photo that by sheer luck happened to work really well!


What’s involved in placing a 3d object into the scene?

Can you post the .blend file?


very kool! I gotta try that too some time. Keep blending!

I haven’t experimented much with putting objects into the scene yet. For a different scene I was working on yesterday, I added some particle effects and they worked rather well. The problem with adding objects is you need to match up the lighting and film aspects of the original precisely, or it sticks out like a sore thumb!

Sure! Grab it here.

Man, very nice job! Glad you found the tutorial helpful - that really looks great! With a little more time you could get rid of the problems with the background. The only other thing is that the ocean is very clearly static, which I would say is more distracting than the background warping. But in any case, very nicely done!


Thanks, yes the tutorial was superb! Considering that was my first attempt (straight after watching the tut) I’m rather happy with it.

Still trying to work out how to fix the warping in a decent, tidy way. The static ocean I actually quite like! Makes it a bit surreal and I can see it being pretty cool if done properly (like freezing time)

Been playing around with subtle particle effects sweeping in from the ocean, and that works quite well to give it a little more life. It’s all a big experiment really…