Camera mapping Blender 2.64 -SOS- no sticky coordinate!

Hi everyone,
i should to make a caméra mapping with the last blender 2.64a… and i don’t find in my mapping panel coordinate :“sticky”
i find nothing about sticky… how can i do it now???
thanks for your help!!!

I have read that Sticky coordinates has been removed , i have no idea why, it’s very strange as from this tutorial it looked like it was usefull, i guess now it will be about working with Project UV , maybe not as fast as in the sticky coordinate tutorial.
You may read more about this here , maybe some solution :[email protected]/msg12511.html

thanks for you reply Sanctuary!
grrrr!!! why they heve removed it?
which way can i take now to do the same thing?
if someone know how to do it… he will be welcome!
thanks! :wink: