Camera Mapping Breakdown

All images are from Pixabay. Music was made by Ross Bugden. Suggestions are appreciated!


Nice! I have wanted to have a look into these techniques for quite a while, and you just revived my interest in doing so :wink:

I don’t know what it is, though, but some parts of the image distortion look kind of weird to me… I don’t know :smiley:

The heat distortion is an ingenious idea! I have not seen it before, and I was just blown away by the simplicity and emersivness of the idea.
The mountain however felt just like a paper cutout really… Something about the smooth cut on the left side and the overall simplicity just didn’t work for me…
I don’t what was the purpose of these videos, if it was just a test, then I would say you should be more than happy. If you want this for portfolio or show however, I would try to make something more, find some more complex image, one where you could add snow or some reflections to the more glossy parts (i personally find those extremely appealing in camera mapping)
Don’t take me wrong, you did a very good job and camera mapping is a very powerfull, capturing technique, but it has also been done many times…
Sorry about my rant :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice! I am glad to have kindled your interest. Camera mapping is simple, but I think it can be a powerful tool. I agree that the heat distortion is weird at some points because you can see it strongly very close to the camera.

Thanks! The heat distortion idea was inspired by a Blender Guru tutorial that was made in 2011, so I had to make it work for my purposes. I agree that the mountain feels way to flat, which is unfortunate.

There was no purpose beyond testing what I can do with camera mapping. These were my first to camera mappings that I consider to be at least remotely successful.

The mountain is a bit odd, but the desert is very good.
You can improve the heat distorsion adding some planes with the same texture at diferent distances. In this way you get noise with different sizes and at the end, it it gives a more random effect.

Very immensive video. You basically can feel the chill at the mountain top, and then contrasted with desert heat!

That is a great idea! I didn’t like how uniform the distortion was

Thank you so much! A big goal with this project was for me to practice eliciting emotion with color, so I made the mountain scene cooler and bluer than the original and the desert scene brighter and warmer