Camera mapping problem

Hi I tried to camera map a texture but it got messed up for some reason.
I’ve recalculated the scene but its still terrible. Any advice?
I got the 3d coordinates by camera tracking the scene so they are correct.

I add my blend. and picture
Project.blend (777 KB)

should probably not be this:

When you upload a file with texture materials, or movies, like this one, you need to Pack them in the .blend file, otherwise, we have nothing to work on, as the video / image is not present.
Got to File => External Data => Pack in .Blend file

And try to explain in a better way what you want to achieve.

Sorry for the rough explanation, I was in a hurry when I wrote it.
What I wan’t to achieve is to camera map a parking lot. I camera tracked it to get the 3d coordinates and used them so roughly build a 3d scene to map a frame of the video on. I choose frame 93 and at that frame I unwrapped the scene-model “from view”. Then I simple added a still-frame of frame 93 as a texture on to it with the UV map I got. Clicked render and saw the same thing that I posted: a totally messed up texturing. I tried to recalculate the model with no luck.

Hope this is a better explenation. I repost my blend. with the files (hopefully) succesfully packed.

Edit: my video couldn’t be uploaded, but I hope it doesn’t matter. After all it’s probably the UV mapping thats the problem.


Project.blend (777 KB)

After you pack the files you actually have to save the .blend again, it’s the same as before :wink:

By the way, i took a look at your scene, the problem is in the UV mapping:

As you can see, the geometry is not mapped correctly, ALL the parts that are out from the image borders are wrong, as blender, in this case take parts from the texture ( the frame ) and repeat them in the 'outside’mapped zone.
I can’t explain really well, but here’s an example:

On the right you can see that the plane borders in the UV map are inside the texture and everything is correct.

On the right you can see that the Unwrapped borders are totally out from the image borders, as result, on the left, the mapping is totally wrong.
Try re-mapping the scene, or extracting textures from the frame and carefully applying them as single material per object.

Tell me if you need more help! :slight_smile:

How do you mean I should re-map it?

I mean re UV Unwrapping, so after a ‘Project from view’, you have to tweak the position of the verts in the Image editor to match your reference image.

Wouldn’t it be easier with the UV project modifier?


Am doing the same thing right now. hehe

Just subdivide your planes and than project from view.

Take care!

Yep and maybe an extra edge along the screen boundary to make sure you get good subdivision near the edges.

THAAAAAAANKS!!! I subdivided the planes and like magic it was perfectly mapped, as you said it would.
Thanks for everything!

(love this forum)