Camera mapping: Scene setup?

Hi fellow blenderheads,

I have a problem figuring out how to setup a (pretty basic) scene for camera mapping. Here is the image that I want to map:

Basically, I divided the image into two parts: the ocean and the distant mountains. Then I mapped these two images on two planes, which looks like this:

However, each time I start to move the camera forwards (I want to create a helicopter flyover), there seems to be something wrong with the perspective: The background seems to approach too fast, which doesn’t make it look like the mountains are distant. I’ve tried scaling the planes differently many times, but the problem remains.

Does anybody know how to properly set something like this up?

A couple of things to consider:

・ When you separated the ocean into one plane and the sky into the other, while the sky is facing the camera from the same direction (Y axis), the ocean is now a plane facing up (Z axis). By the very nature of what you’re trying to do there will be distortion of the water texture - the waves closer to the camera are larger than those off near the horizon.

・ Rather than have that ocean as a plane facing directly up, maybe slope it at an incline. Then you’re going with the sloping in the photo.

・ If whatever you do the sky seems to close, you could render it separately and have it get closer veeeeery slowly. And composite the ocean and sky after they’re rendered individually.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll try your suggestions!

You can cheat…
Well, same idea. I was slower.