Camera mapping test - new video compilation 7-29-09

Just a test to take a 2D photo and turn it into 2.5D. I’m going to make a whole bunch of these anims and then burn it to a DVD.

Edit: I added some camera jitter with the Camera Jitter script. I think it definitely adds some style to it.

1/22/09 New test:

2/19/09 NEW

7/29/09 Compilation video

Nicely done. The illusion is great on the background, but it loses it’s effectiveness on the person when it starts closing it too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Yeah, she looks kind of flat, but I sort of like that effect. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Now I’m rendering a version with some camera jitter, I’ll post it when it’s done.

Very nice!

Can you take me through roughly how you did this?

I saw the Jitter version as well. I have seen pepole doing this kind of work, but cameramapping with photos taken from several angles, in order to move around even more. If you are interested, check out this article:
(the top section)


I basically followed this tutorial by Colin Levy

I did a lot of separation of elements in Photoshop before I started modeling. So I had a separate layer in PS for the sky, the mountain, the person, the walls, etc., with an alpha channel. Probably the hardest part of all was matching the camera perspective in Blender. It was a lot of trial and error.

Thanks guys!


I’m also very interested in this type of work and experimenting too. Watching Nuke camera projection tutorials, using places like for source of information, where there are some great podcasts as well btw.

I think your camera move is to fast, unreal and severe and the motionless figure takes away the reality further. But it’s interesting to see progress / tests.

EDIT No it’s a problem with Google Chrome web browser play back speed, when I replay the them they are much slower and yes as Squiggly_P said very nicely done. :slight_smile:

Instead of the jitter script you could capture a hand held camera move videoing anything and then use something like PFHoe to capture the camera move data and apply it to your blender camera for this image to give a more realistic camera move.

If you’re looking for more tutorials, I’ve found loads, searching ‘camera projection’ , matte painting and Nuke, Combustion and After Effects.

I’m having the same problem with camera matching. I’m using blenses script to try and get the right hFOV for my DSLR shots from the exif data. I think it helps to use a standard length lens like 50mm and not a zoom which could be any focal length or set the zoom to a few standard lengths.

Thanks for the tips. Yeah, I don’t know why the vimeo videos play too fast the first time, then if you replay it plays normally. Kind of weird. I might try Youtube instead.

I’m having the same problem with camera matching. I’m using blenses script to try and get the right hFOV for my DSLR shots from the exif data. I think it helps to use a standard length lens like 50mm and not a zoom which could be any focal length or set the zoom to a few standard lengths.

That’s helpful for a digital photo. But this was a scanned photo from a regular film camera so I didn’t have any EXIF data to work with. That’s why I was mostly just eyeballing it.

Thats Sick! I love it, great job, the jitter really adds something special. Any chance of a wire just to see the shapes you ended up with?
Shame that the person looks flat, that’s all that they do in movies, with matte backgrounds and foreground plates of keyed in characters. They are only flat elements but have more modelled lighting. Isn’t it funny that the ACTUAL lighting from the location makes it look kind of flat?

Here’s a wire. Nothing fancy as you can see. Most of the work is in the textures.


roofoo, that’s great (did I mention that?) did you use the sky from the foto or make a new one, was it mapped onto the blender world? Are the wires real perspective or did you do a forced perspective (distorted sizes as they move away from the camera) to match the fotos? I notice that some of the wires don’t seem to have joined verts’ (at the top above the door arch) what kind of modeling did you use?

It’s all real perspective. I have a giant sphere for the sky, it’s so big I had to set the camera clipping to 5000. The ground is likewise just a giant plane. I used regular box modeling, the geometry is pretty rough because the textures have alpha channels so the meshes don’t have to be perfect. The end result is all that matters anyway… :smiley:

Nice test.
Got to try camera mapping one of these days.

Thanks Ronin.

Here is a new test, this time the camera zooms in and out a little.

Thats a…a… amazing! You are really nailing this effect! It would be cool to use a bit longer lens and rack the focus a bit too. Did you have to paint in a bit of grass on the plane behind the subject?

The only thingh that makes these look odd are the lack of movement from the people in frame.

Did you know that the first Matrix movie used this effect to model all those building roof top scenes, where Keanu jumps around and gets shot at? They felt that they couldn’t make really detailed models so they developed the photogrametry effect instead.

Thanks David! Here is a screenshot of my layers in Photoshop. As you can see I expanded the size of the photo from the original to give myself some more maneuvering room. Then I separated out elements such as the ground, the walls, and the people to different layers. That allows the camera to move around more.

Good idea about the rack focus, maybe I’ll try that too.

I agree that the frozen people makes it eerie, but since I don’t have any video footage I didn’t really have any options. Keep in mind these photos were taken about 10 years ago with a film camera. If I were doing this over I would take more photos and some video as well. :smiley:

No I didn’t know that about the Matrix. It makes sense though, why bother modeling details that can be faked. The audience never notices the difference anyway.

Thanks again for your comments!


Here is a new photo. For some reason the video quality on Vimeo is crappy. The original looks fine.

New test looks nice but some how flatter than previous. You got a lot further around this time, there must be some serious painting going on. Any chance you can show me the map with the xtra painting?

Thanks David. Here are some screenshots of my meshes in Blender and my layered Photoshop file. Every object is separated to its own layer.


Shame they’re all day light shots I think that interactive lighting would make this killer.

I’m not sure what you mean by interactive lighting.