Camera Matching


Let’s say I’d like to model the interior of a car and I’d like to use interior shots like this to be able to model on accurately, however how would I go about doing so? I’ve only ever seen camera matching being done on buildings and not the interior of a car.

After hovering around on I’ve seen people do it, however that’s mostly in 3ds Max and never in Blender. Would it be a simple operation? And can it actually be done in Blender when working with a complex object such as a car interior?

“Camera mapping” creates the illusion of 2D photo coming alive in 3D. Illusion is created by camera movement within the scene to create foreground background relative motion. Camera is kept at a distance to emphasize relative movement alone to create 3D effect.

Since you work from 2D photo, texturing of background behind fore ground object must be created to compensate for camera movement. The process is relatively quick with outdoor scene and building using clone tool to fill background detail.

Problem with interior of the car is that it is crammed with detail of different kind that can’t be simply cloned in. For example, behind the steering wheel is the semi visible tachometer. Tick marks and letter 8 is behind the steering wheel. Where are you going to clone that detail from the photo?

I found this when trying to look for camera matching resources, however that looks like a powerful tool with the ability to place references points where ever you want them. I already have most of the exterior modeled, and I’ve got a steering wheel, part of the dash and front door trims in WIP for the car I’m modeling.

I’ll give your UVUnproject a go and then BLAM, failing that I’ll build a spline cage.