Camera morph Addon

(anfeo) #1

I’ve worked to a simple script to create camera movement. I hope you like it.

edit, link to last version:

(theApe) #2

Another great script from you, Alfonso! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

(Darcvizer) #3

Thanks, it’s useful

(XeroShadow) #4

I couldn’t hear a thing.

(theApe) #5

Maybe because… there was no sound? :wink:

(Ethan Aeris) #6

Thank you, it should be in Blender by default!
It’s been a long time requested feature, and you made it !

In future iterations, have you planned a way to switch directly cameras (cut / bind markers like in the camera switcher addon) in addition of the morph way ?

(anfeo) #7

it’s simple, you have to change keyframe interpolation in graph editor to constant (T)

(Ethan Aeris) #8

good tip ! thanks for your quick answer

(anfeo) #9

Little update:

Now you can set the waiting time to switch to next camera.

(jonathan.beta) #10

Hi there,

I downloaded camera tools 0.2 and it seems like I could not get rid of the wait time even though I set it to 0.

Maybe there is a bug that makes all the cameras to have default wait time?

(dimitribastos) #11

Any chance of a updating for 2.8?

(anfeo) #12

Update for 2.8

(anfeo) #13

Tutorial (only italian, sorry)