Camera motion caption? (like Icarus)

Is there any Camera motion caption applications out there besides Icarus which is for non-commercial use only.

And to make the question harder, for Mac OS X (PPC)? Preferrably free :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you seen this project?

I don’t know what the status is, but hopefully it’s well underway.

I’ve heard of this, but problem is that I need a solution now, not in 6 months or a year.
We’re making a project that has to be finished before the end of year.

I think icarus and voodoo are the only “free” and viable options right now.

Have you heard of PFHoe? It’s not free but it’s very cheap (everything is relative).
I downloaded the demo and played with it a little bit and I have to say it’s very easy to use.
Only wish I had better videos to play with >_<
Oh, and there is an exporter for Blender too :slight_smile:

I was just checking out the latest developments for some other features I was waiting for when I noticed this motion tracking project is up and running very well.

Here is a link to the first page

and this new thread which shows the progress

The Author wrote

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

  • I have robust ground truth alignment working nicely now.[LIST]
  • It works pretty on the test sequence. Most of the points are within 0.25% of their true position relative to the scene size.
  • I rewrote all file formats to use a custom JSON parser
  • I started writing an ICVS paper for submission on November 12th.
  • I added custom attributes to Blender’s ImBuf, and then exported those into resulting EXR files.
  • Using the custom attribs, I now embed camera data into the EXR files by default. [/LIST]

So good luck to you Keir!